DocHive is a data management system which allows businesses to more effectively control the computerised documents within a company.


  • Intuitive navigation matrix{?}
  • Document Publishing
  • Content Management
  • Document Versioning
  • Document or process approval
  • Collaborative E-Mail Communications
  • Editing live Documents*
  • Keyword Search
  • Advanced Search
  • Document and Workflow log
  • Restrict access to categories or individual files.
  • Manage content anywhere on your network
  • Web browser access
  • Links and collaborative information sent by email
  • Site administration tools (matrix layout, search layout, add / remove / rename categories and category elements, search fields, application settings, content editors

* (depends on having network share access)


Why Buy?

  • Save time and stream line your business.
  • Save unnecessary administrative costs.
  • Easy to maintain and build without in depth development or IT knowledge
  • Requires little support
  • Upgrades are free for the first 12 months
  • Add a competitive edge to your organisation and your workplace


Why opt for managed Services?

  • Managed services are suitable for small to medium sized businesses with limited IT support or larged businesses and organisations with IT support already 'flat out'.

  • Opting for managed services means you have full support, dynamic upgrades and direct access to developments and improvements as they happen. Phosphorix provide a professional and personal service free of politics for all DocHive users.

  • Gain access to a growing community of DocHive users and see how dochive has improved their web central services.