Course Exchange

CourseExchange is a free and open source software product which links course information together from one or more course providers. Such as Universities, Colleges, Schools or training providers.

It provides interoperability via web services for XML on demand such as the UK open standard for the exchange of course related information - XCRI

Web services at a CourseExchange Hub will return XCRI-1, XCRI-cap1.0 and XCRI-cap1.1 on demand.

CourseExchange utilises ioMorph which can be easily extended to provide other XML types when a new transform plug-in is uploaded to the transforms library.

There are three applications needed to create a standalone CourseExchange service (CourseExchangeAgent, CourseExchangeHub and ioPortal for CourseExchange).

CourseExchange is designed for ioNetwork and is installed on ioNetworkNode

CourseExchange web applications are also available for free and may be installed under the GPL 3 open source software license.