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Open Source Statement


In summary, the document states that Phosphorix;

  • Maintains ownership of all software IPR it develops
  • Grants royalty free open source development rights under OSI approved licenses
  • Grants royalty free implementation of its software under OSI approved licenses



A growing number of communities and companies have developed a business ethos. This is sometimes known as a corporate social responsibility (CSR) policy. Before we learned of CSR Phosphorix had adopted a strong community ethos and are advocates of open software development and open source software. Our ethos, based on open development, sharing and open source communities gives us a sense of satisfaction in our work, which profit alone does not fulfil.


The statement

Thank you for the interest you have shown in Phosphorix. Phosphorix would like to clarify our OSS IPR position for the benefit of current projects we partner or develop for and future projects which would like to build from our work. This statement is extended to prospective open development partnerships, specifically where open source software is used, or required as an output of a project or development package. In particular this is applicable where a project reuses software that we have developed openly with one or more projects in the past. This is also applicable where we have added improvements and features independently (sometimes contributing to open software development communities like JISC-CETIS SIGS (Special Interest Groups) and Tetra).


  1. Phosphorix asserts IPR ownership for all the software it has newly developed and IPR ownership where Phosphorix software is further developed within education based or open source projects to date.
  2. Phosphorix adheres to the JISC policy that such software is free to education.
  3. Phosphorix will provide such software both in binary (executable form) and source (modifiable and compilable form).
  4. Where a bespoke skin or web graphics have been provided or designed by a third party on behalf of a project, Phosphorix do not claim any IPR in that skin or web graphics
  5. Where a domain name specific to the project or service is used by the project or service, Phosphorix do not claim any IPR.
  6. Where application data which is specific to the use of the software such as the click through or following of an interface process, Phosphorix assert IPR ownership of that sub routine1, this only applies to application processes designed and configured by Phosphorix.
  7. Where application data not bespoke data is stored in a data base, Phosphorix assert IPR ownership2.
  8. Phosphorix will release software products and outputs under an OSS (open source software) license. The license will be an OSI (Open Source Initiative) approved license. The licenses will be royalty-free, indefinite, non-exclusive licences.
  9. Certain software products are key to the growth and uptake of community led interoperability standards. In such cases Phosphorix will grant an Apache 2 OSS license (examples are ioMorph and ioNetworkNode).
  10. Certain products are suitable for bespoke development or implementation. In such cases Phosphorix will grant the latest GPL 3 license (examples are ioPortal, RicX portal).
  11. Phosphorix reserve the right to release software without conforming to an OSMM (open source maturity model3) In this case it is likely a parent project or community may step forward to incubate a project towards open source maturity, It may be appropriate for Phosphorix to assign IPR to the incumbent.
  12. Phosphorix reserve the right to bid to provide an OSMM service for any given software product it is the IPR owner of.
  13. Phosphorix will collaborate with project partners to agree and sign a consortium agreement or any other contractual agreement where this is a requirement of JISC, HEFCE or other funding body project.